Home Inspection Pricing

Professional Inspections

 Are not all the same, if you are comparison shopping please do not let price be your deciding factor in the assessment of your home. Beware of the cheap home inspectors charging less, they are usually inexperienced, or "Bulk Inspectors" performing 3-4 home inspections per day, hurrying through each one and not catching the minute details that could result in disaster, or not recalling which deficient items belonged to which house when writing your "Bargain Report". When it comes to a cheap home inspection you really do get what you paid for in terms of attention to detail, the condition of your new home, and the safety of you & your family.


The price of an accurate & precise home inspection reflects a small one time fee towards the future of your home, and is much less than the COST you may encounter from the cheapest inspector who may or may not know what he/she is doing, the question is are you going to be the one to find out. Ask about our discounts for Vets, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Response Personnel.



Home Inspection prices start at just $250and are based on the age, square footage (size), type of foundation of your house, any other specialized inspections needed (if any) including pool and/or spa, outbuilding(pool house, garage or separate apartment) ect. And remember every home is different, so please contact us or fill out the form here for a detailed quote and I will give you a fair price for the professional inspection of your "Dream Home".