Phase Inspection

Phase Inspection/ New Home Construction | You can not do without a 3rd party inspection.
​ Your home builder no matter how big or small will tell you that they have there own independent inspectors, and will provide for you quality control inspections throughout the construction of your home, but in the end they work for the builder and inspect to the degree of which they are told to inspect to. There simply is no alternative to you having a licensed and regulated independent inspection for your own peace of mind, your home is being constructed correctly and no corners are being cut, especially in today's market trend of selling them faster than they can be built, then on to the next one. We are there every step of construction and beyond.
If you are trying to decide, between a phase inspection or completed home inspection, choose phase. Once the defects are covered it can take years (long after your new home warranty has expired) to become apparent, and very costly and inconvenient to repair. Phase inspections can be performed as a package at a discount or A la carte if you have already began the inspection process.
Phase I
or Pre-Pour is performed before the foundation concrete is poured. At this time we will inspect and verify,
  • Foundation, beam, & footing depth
  • Plumbing prep and rough in
  • Vapor barrier 
  • ​Concrete reinforcement 
Phase 2
or Pre-Drywall is performed before the drywall and insulation are installed but after the home has been "Dried-In" with a roof covering and vapor barrier on the exterior walls. At this time we will inspect and verify,
  • Framing: proper technique, boring & notching, wood grade, defective or missing members
  • Window and door installation and water proofing
  • Exterior sheathing and vapor barrier is correctly installed 
  • ​Plumbing and Electrical inside the walls with correct nail stop shield placement
  • ​Placement and proper installation of all mechanical & HVAC vents, ducts, and drains
  • Everything that will be behind the walls and not accessible during the final inspection
Phase 3
or Final inspection is performed after the completion of all construction, this is the same whole home inspection protocol we inspect to under TREC regulations on all residential inspections new or used, and should be done a few days before closing so there is still time to fix any discrepancies before you "sign on the dotted line" 
  • Inspect the electrical system as a whole including outlets, GFCI & AFCI protection, switches, fixtures, panels, circuit breakers & disconnects 
  • Inspect the plumbing for any visible leaks, drips, water supply, proper venting of the drains and waste lines 
  • Inspect built in appliances for proper operation, record your part & serial numbers and perform a recall check ​​
  • ​Placement and proper installation of all mechanical & HVAC vents, ducts, and drains
  • A check of the homes systems, components and appliances
  • The grading and drainage around the home
  • Roof covering & proper flashing
  • And much more
Phase 4
Ask about our optional Phase 4 or 11th month "Warranty Inspection" as part of the Phase Inspection Package, or can be added to any other inspections A la carte we will perform an inspection in or before the last month of your new homes 1 year warranty and detect any issues prior to expiration so they can be brought to your providers attention and if covered be corrected.