Commercial Property Inspections

Commercial Inspections, Services, and Assessments 
A professional commercial building inspection or assessment is absolutely crucial when you are planning to purchase, lease, or sell a commercial property. We start with the recognized ASTM E-2018 standard and tailor your properties needs to specific criteria for your report. Our Commercial Property Inspectors give you the information and advice to make an educated decision on the commercial property you are wanting to invest in. 
Commercial Inspections:
There are many types of commercial inspections, Pre-purchase inspection, Triple Net Lease inspection, and inspection on major components including all accessible Structural Frame, HVAC, Building Envelope, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Utilities, Fire Protection, Interior Elements, and Parking Assessment.
Retail Space Inspection:
Retail space inspections are commercial inspections focusing on the retail channel, including stores, restaurants, shopping centers and franchise locations. A retail inspection is a visual survey of the property that results in an inspector producing a PCA (Property Condition Assessment). Inspections look at physical structures of buildings, parking, and supporting systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC). Some retail inspections also involve looking at the landlord tenant relationship and history, including lease documentation.
Property Condition Assessment:
The Property Condition Assessment is one of the most important documents used when negotiating the price on a property you intend to purchase, it will outline the systems and components in need of replacement or repair sometime driving additional costs on your investment into the hundreds of thousands. 
A PCA focuses on these major areas, or if need be can be inspected individually 
1. Building Site (Topography, drainage, retaining walls, paving, curbing, lighting)
2. Building Envelope (Windows and Walls)
3. Structural (Foundation and Framing)
4. Interior Elements (Stairways, hallways, common areas)
5. Roofing Systems
6. Mechanical (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
7. Plumbing
8. Electrical
9. Vertical Trans (Elevators and escalators)
10. Life Safety, ADA, Code Comp. Air Quality (Fire Codes, Handicapped Accessibility, Water/Mold)
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