Home Inspection Services



Buyer's Inspection:
Is for those purchasing a home, it is the standard inspection you may be asked to have performed by a licensed professional home inspector by the title company, your lender, or insurance provider. The buyers Inspection will help to educated you on the condition of the home and its systems and components. The inspection gives the buyer information to make an educated decision about the true condition of their purchase. For a list of the items and areas we inspect please visit our "What We Inspect" page
Pre-Listing Inspection:
Or the Seller's Inspection is for those who are going to be putting their home on the market in the near future. It gives them the time to fix any issues and provides information for the disclosure statement. 
11th Month "Home Warranty" Inspection:                                          
Is for the homeowner that has a home warranty that is close to expiring. The inspector can detect any issues prior to the expiration that can be brought to the attention of the provider and if covered can be corrected.
System/ Component Inspection:
is for the homeowner wanting to know the condition of a few or specific systems or components, but does not need a complete home inspection. This is a great way to get an independent opinion of a system you may have been told needed repaired or replaced such as: Water Heater, A/C & Heat, Roof.
Homeowner Inspection:
Is for the homeowner that may of not had an inspection at the time of purchase or it has been a few years since an inspection was performed, and wants to know the current condition of their home. This is a useful tool in forecasting for the future it answers questions on the remaining lifespan of the systems and components in your house. 
Phase Inspection:
Or new construction inspections are performed during the construction phases of your home. I am asked for our Phase Inspection program more than any other service. In Texas home builders do not have a licensing requirement, need any experience, or a minimum standard to adhere to! Anyone qualified or not can become a home builder! I find the deficiencies before they have a chance to cover them up. Phase inspections can be performed as a package at a discount, or A la carte if you have already began the construction process. ​For a detailed list of the phases I go through to protect you, just  CLICK